This article is for a show that i loved but never got that much love it was "The Tomorrow People" on nickelodeon not the original 70's version. It was a usually a weekend Fridays nights went to grandma's for the weekend usually not by choice but non the less enjoyed it. The food was great and tv was better cause i had it all to myself.

Saturdays i spent watching cartoons in the am as did every kid and then nickelodeon in the afternoons. I always waited and waited till i think about 4 or maybe earliers, when i had at the time saw the coolest show on it was the tomorrow people. It was cool kids given powers to teleport by aliens who they befriended to try and save the world.
I think that the show only ran for a half hour but i could be wrong maybe an hour who knows. But this was the first bbc'ish show that i saw since it was from across the pond.

But it was cool i remember this one episode so clearly it was about a industrial farmer trying to control the worlds crops with bees and i also remember the first episode when the kids first find the ship on the beach.

I liked the show it was good but the only showed a total of like 3 weeks of show in the form of like mini series that kept repeating it was in this order the premier/origin of the kids powers and the bee one and then something to due with water idk.
If people out there remember this let me know. I tried to look it up on the net and all i get is the 70's version i wanna buy this short lived 90's version let me know Thanks =)