hi peoples! sorry for my last article someone hacked on to my profile and submitted it. today i wanted to talk about hulk. Dr Robert Bruce Banner had made the gamma bomb. once before it fired a boy named Rick Jones had wandered into the testing base. Bruce said hold the fire to his assistant but Igor (the assistant) had fired it banner had saved the teen but not himself.the bomb blew up and he woke up screaming in the army's doctors office. then at night he would become hulk. the first comic was made in 1962. made by Stan lee and jack Kirby. Stan got the idea from the movie Frankenstein and the movie Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde. they also made the cartoons. the first cartoon was pretty much exactly the same as the comics.

the 70s

they made the TV show of the hulk. it wasn't all the way the same as the comics but it is my favorite TV show. bill Bixby and Lou feriggno rock!

the 80s

i heard that there was a hulk TV show cartoon of the 80s. i also know that the hulk TV show of the 70s ran through the 80s and is still running on sci fi sometimes.

the 90s

the hulk of the 70s had the special in the 90s called: Death of the incredible hulk . i did not care for it much.
but it is a hulk. and I collect hulk so i have it. there is also a cartoon made in 96.

the 000s

they have made 2 movies in the 000s. i know its not retro but it has to do with hulk. the 2003 one on my opinion sucked. but the 2008 one stayed closer to the comic and 70s show.

its kinda hard to write all the toys i know but here are some pictures that i put on. if they do come on.

well i ll see you guys later.

HULK ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!