Although there may be a few others that have been around a little longer than me as far as gaming is concerned. But I have seen alot of game systems. My first was a brand new Atari 2600. (I still have the original game cartridges stored in a 8 track box, but I have lost the console with all the moving around I did)

Being young and having a family can be hard, as I had a massive NES collection and had to sell it for the cash. I have lost many N64's, Modded PS1's and my huge NES collection becasue of it. Now I am a little older and want my games back! Since I have moved to the city I have a wealth of resources to find what I want. I have gotten some incrediable deals and finds I would like to share with you all in hopes it will help you find what your looking for and your hobby might just pay for itself!

I am a bargin hunter, I love the feel of getting something I really want for dirt cheap, and really who doesn't? But its a thrill I love to feel time and time again. One day I walked on into a huge thrift deptarment store by my place, as I like to do often. I go back to the electronic section to look for hidden gems and there she was. An SNES system! Stain, sticky, no controllers or cords but there it was and it was 6 bucks!To hell with it! I am grabbing it! I have millions of power adapters and RF modulators so all i need is a game and controller and I am ready to go! Now taking a good look over the machine, I see something... the back power adapter built into the machine... well the metal cover adapter is gone, leaving only the positive and negative wires sticking outside the machine. Damn it! Was I going to give up????? Hell no! I can try and make a direct connection to the SNES, soder the power adapter to the motherboard! LOL, dont care, want one and the price is right... coming home with me!

"Now I have a habit of when I am excited about something, I kinda dive in head first. With that in mind, this with what I did to try and fix the power problem when I got home."

Ok so the connection is busted.. fine! Lets make a new one! LOL, boy I'm feelin brave now! But wait..... these stupid nintendo screws.... how am I going to get into this thing???? Well mans gotta do what a mans gotta do! Get the prying bar!!!!!! SNAP!, CRACK!, BREAK! FORCE! ~ouch~ PRY!, TWIST! Woot! I am in, there is plastic everywhere and the casing to the SNES is in shambles but I am in! Hey... wait a sec, the power adapter...its all one piece... oh no! Its a solid piece. AH CRAP! Now very disappointed I start looking at the exposed wires at the back of the SNES. Hmmmm, i get the power cord itself and have a look... all its missing is the shielding.. but that should stop the power from getting into the adapter and powering the machine. I krimp the positive and negative closer to be able to fit inside the power cords adapter.. plug it all in.. throw the switch and................................ BAM! we have power! So you means to tell me I could have just done that in the first place instead of tearing my SNES apart??? Wow, was I mad at myself! So I get a empty 12 pack pepsi box and do some cutting, get the electric tape and presto! Half white and half black SNES! LOL.... I still kick myself for that one. But gets power and thats all that matters.

Now I need a game and controller to see if she will work! The next day I take my lunch and head over to a hock shop. I buy a SNES controller for 5 bucks and a game "Wing Commander" for the same price. Get er home, ok first to try the game. Takes a few tries but she works! Ok now for the controller... plug it in.... nothing... try again... nope.. DAMN IT!!!! What is it now! Oh geez look at that, it looks like the last dog who owned this had a dog or cat and the thing destroyed the cord and then tried to fix/cover it up with electrical tape! Ok,well at least it not the system... so i hit up a weekend market and buy a 3rd party knock off for 15 bucks. Get it home and she works! It all works! WOOT and JOY!

So I start playing and building my collection once again, when a few weeks later I am in another thrift department store and I see it sitting there. A mint condition SNES, perfect shape.. no stickers, scratches, nicks, stains.. nothing! And what this hangin on the wall bagged up with the rest of the junk???? A mint, real SNES controller. Hey I found 2 games, Tetris 2 and Donkey Kong Country 2! Well after I was done droppin a load in my pants I payed 15 bucks for the whole thing! Sweet! But this also means all the trouble I went through with the first machine... means nothing with this one! LMFAO!!!! Oh well, it was worth it and how was I suppose to know I would find another SNES??

Since then I have been to thrift stores, Goodwill, Hock Shops, and found many great deals. The poor thrift stores dont know any better, they just see an old game and mark it for a few bucks. Prime examples are Zelda 3, TMNT 4 and Super Double Dragon all for the SNES. Paid a buck and change for them each! Those games are worth 50 bucks total online! I buy them, keep the ones I want and put the others aside.

I get downtown and into a hidden gem of a store and find one of my dream systems! The FC Twin which plays SNES and NES games all in one! There is a tiny list of games that it wont play but definately worth its weight in gold! So I go home and grab my doubles and games I dont want but bought for a few bucks, my SNES system itself and head back downtown. The FC Twin has a 70 dollar price tag onto her. So I start to haggle.. what it came down too.. the system cost me 20 bucks after all the trading and haggling and yes that includes the cost of me buying the SNES and games in the first place. 20 bucks... thats it! Now I can play NES and SNES and my little hobby is now starting to pay for itself!

Morale of my ongoing adventures people... thrift stores, hock shops and flea markets are your friends. Go in and check them out often as the stock is always changing. They dont know better so they price everything at a few bucks. Buy games that you dont even want! If they are good enough and only cost a few dollars, you can resell them and make a profit! Your classic gaming hobby will pay for itself. Lord know I am having a blast! I guess it pays to be a bargin hunter... ;)

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