The first retro thing with me was a game for the masterful Nintendo 64. When I was a little kid, I used to jump on the bed and slam my cartridge into the console. The first words I ever heard in the history of gaming were "It's-a me! Mario!". Yes, that's right. The legendary Super Mario 64 was my first ever video game and it still remains a huge favourite of mine even to this day.

Player's Choice & Million Seller: Wow!

A big memory for me was going on the hunt for all 120 stars. It took great skill to reach some (like the Thwomp level in Tick-Tock Clock) while others were much easier (like the first ice slide level in Cool, Cool Mountain). These gold stars were only just a small piece of the jigsaw that makes a legendary game.

"Here we gooooo!!!!!"

Everything in this game was amazing from the graphics to the mix of enemies to Mario's power-ups. The worlds are still like something fresh and exciting. They have a vast impact on me because of their vast capacity and amount of free-roaming. The controls and moves of Mario were sensitive and could be adjusted even at the slightest tilt of the Control Stick showing the realism the developers put in. To carry on from this, I will always remember the first time Mazza donned a Wing/Metal/Invisible Cap and did things that were cool and things that I have yet to see in any of today's video games. Oh, how memorable it was to see him fly home at the end after defeating Bowser and get kissed on his over-sized hooter by Princess Peach.

A memorable ending

But above all, the most memorable Mario memory of mine was the terrific music score. Without that, Super Mario 64 wouldn't be as fantastic as it is! There were songs that scared me (Bowser Fights; the Haunted House; Never-Ending Staircase) songs that made me feel calm (Jolly Roger Bay; Dire, Dire Docks; Wing Cap) and songs that made me happy (Secret Slide; Cool, Cool Mountain; Getting a Star/Key; Bob-omb Battlefield). The masterpiece of music that is the credits theme will forever hold a place in my heart (and make me cry!)

No-one has more chilling tunes than this fella!

As I draw my first article to a close, I feel glad to have chosen a piece of history as my subject. It changed my life and it led to me playing games similar in impact, yet each being unique in their own way (like Ocarina of Time or Banjo-Kazooie). No matter what game there is out there that I play, I will never forget the amazing, superb game that can never be imitated in quite the same way... and by God does it make me feel proud!

By PythonMad94.

Thank you so much for-a playing my game!