Hello. This is my first article and the first thing I thought to write about was the Game Boy. So here it is.
It was back in the year 1998, the same year I got my Nintendo 64, that I saw an ad for this thing called a
Game Boy and a Game Boy Camera. The camera looked
like a cartridge with an eye on top.

I asked my Mom if I could have one and eventually we went to Toys R' Us and I got my Game Boy Pocket. I also got three games for it: Super Mario Land, Bugs Bunny's Crazy Castle 2 and Mickey's Dangerous Chase. I never did get the Camera.

This is sort of what it looked like. Mine was a brighter green and you could see the parts inside of it. It even came in a cool looking box.
I never really got far in any of the games until much
later when I beat Super Mario Land. That game was the most fun to play because it was like classic Mario, only I could play it on the go. Mickey's Dangerous Chase was sort of like Mickey Mousecapades for the NES only it was a tad easier and you could throw blocks. Bugs Bunny's Crazy Castle was fun, but hard, because you couldn't jump. Now I know that the game was more of a puzzle game than a platformer.

Later, I got Donkey Kong Land 2 which was a port of Donkey Kong Country 2 for the Super NES. This was a fun game because it had great music and it was one of those games that just felt right. I also found the first Donkey Kong Land and I bought it as soon as I saw it. I still have 2 but 1 became lost luggage after a trip to Florida.

Donkey Kong Land 1 and 2

One day I saw an ad for two little games called Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue. This was when the Pokemon craze started and I was one of the kids who got hooked. My grandmother even got me a Pokemon comic book/manga. I wanted a game more than anything
and I eventually got the Blue version and loved it.

I didn't get very far though and the reason is because I didn't play it the "right" way, which is to make your Pokemon teams levels even. Despite that I still liked the game bacause of the memorable music and the unique looking Pokemon Sprites. Here is an example of what I mean.

One year later, in 1999, my beloved Grandfather passed away. I was devestated and so I drowned my sorrows by playing video games. I played a lot after that happened. My Mom got me the new Game Boy model: The Game Boy Color! You could now play games in color compared to the first model with black and white games. I got Pokemon Yellow with it which was based on the ultra-cool (at the time) T.V. show.

My Game Boy color was Yellow

I was able to get farther in this game but I still was defeated easily becaused I only trained my Pikachu. Later in 2000, I got Pokemon Silver Version which added 100 new pokemon to the series. I always started with the water pokemon and I still do.

I continued to get games for my Game Boy Color. Another game that I got was Donald Duck: Going Quackers. This was a fun game and had good graphics for its time. I also came in a cool Game Boy Color Only cartridge.
In 2001, the official new Game Boy model, the Game
Boy Advance came out. I tried to come up with ways for money so I could buy it,but I got it for Christmas. I got Jimmy Neutron: the Game and Spyro: Season of Ice, which I thought was a fun game.

This is were I will stop because the Game Boy Advance isn't really retro. So, there is my first article and I hope you all like it. I am open to both comments and suggestions.