"There once was a man from Nantucket" goes a popular Limerick. I'm not from Nantucket originally, but from Portland, Maine.
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I was born not even five miles from this lighthouse. My father was one of the last keepers of the light, back in 1988. On December 20, my family moved from South Berwick,Maine to Nantucket. We left Hyannis on this ferry:
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We lived with my grandmother for the first three months.
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My first Christmas was celebrated there. In April of 1989, we moved again, this time to 54 old south road, above a plumbing furnishing store, where my father was employed. My mother, was a stay at home mom, taking care of me. In the late eighties, Nantucket was coming out of a slump.

The Scallop fishery was hit hard in 1990, and my father, who was a recreational scalloper was hit just as hard. Also that same year, my mother became pregnant with my sister. She was born on February 15,1991. Sadly, she died on April 27,1991. She died because of pneumonia, which was brought on by Smith Lemli Opitz Syndrome.

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The company we lived above that I told you about? Well, as 1992 came around, were getting tired of my father's attitude. They fired him, and he had to find work elsewhere. He was eventually hired by Randy Blount, owner of the fishing dragger; Ruthie B.

Sadly, my parents marriage was straining. By September 21,1993, my mother filed for divorce, and my mother and I moved to 21 Salros Road. I got to visit my dad on weekends, but i was glad I did. We went out to eat a lot, simply because my father didn't have much food to cook.

Finally, a construction company hired my father, and he was able to cook a lot more. My mother found work at the Nantucket Bank.
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Finally, my mother quit the bank job, and ended up working at a propane company, called Yates Gas. She was promoted within a few months of starting. Through this job, I met many of her new friends. In 1994, I started kindergarten at Nantucket Elementary School.
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My kindergarten year was awesome. I remember being one of the "Cool" kids. I had cool tools, gak, and a whole bunch of other gags. My teachers found me entertaining. I was well liked by everyone. I went on trips with my grandmother to places like Waltham, Massachusetts.

By 1996, I was able to walk downtown by myself, Nantucket was one of those places where everyone knows each other, so less chance for pedo's and rapists. I remember going to the beach, even the woods by myself.
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I remember going to the beach on sunday with my mothers friends, usually culminating in a big sunday barbeque on the beach. I was not even afraid of going by the edge of the surf.
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In 1997, a tornado struck Nantucket, and I remember seeing it. It was July 5th, and it struck the pine forest near Old South Liquors. It was a very small tornado, but it was cool nonetheless. A few weeks later, Tropical Storm Danny hit Nantucket. The harbor jumped the curb on Easy Street.

My mother moved to St. Louis in 1997, but she left me behind with my grandmother. The cost of living on the island rose to a point where it became hard to afford. I missed her of course, but we communicated weekly.

In 2000, I started Middle School, so I was with all of my buddies. In 2002, my grandmother's husband, Bill, was diagnosed with esophogal cancer. He died in August of that same year. This hit all of us hard, but at least his suffering was over.

In 2003, I started attending Nantucket High School, but only until 2006, when I moved to St. Louis,Mo to finish out my high school career. I returned in 2007, only to find my grandmother dying of Pancreatic Cancer. She "Crossed the bar" on the 4th of July.

I got a job at Hy-Line Cruises, located on Straight Wharf. I worked as a dock boy, and worked pretty hard to make a living. Eventually I got another job, this one was at Stop N' Shop. I work as a bagger/courtesy clerk. I have been accepted into UMASS.

While this article is not what one would consider retro, it has a great deal of impact to me; because what may not be retro to some, might be retro to others.