A few days ago I walked into a local Rite-Aid in hopes to find the art supplies I needed for my Design class. As expected, the junk I needed were no where to be found. I told an oncoming employee that I needed a bottle of black ink and a 14x17 drawing pad. The imp was no help. Running me up and down the school supply aisle about five or six times, moaning that he had to actually help out a customer. This had made me very upset, tempting me to throw the dog treats that were displayed in the adjacent shelve at his large head. You freaking bastard! Since my leaving the store meant my short term goal of purchasing art supplies would result in total failure, I figured by buying something else my conscience would be relieved only but for a moment. I was absolutely wrong…I am still very appreciative that I had spent another five minutes in that crappy store; Rite-Aid carries Pop Rocks! They have a huge variety…watermelon and strawberry (artificially flavored).

Walking toward Ingrid’s house, trying to recall the exact year Pop Rocks were first introduced, I had reminded myself of that urban myth where the curious child’s head exploded when he drank Coca-Cola and ate Pop-Rocks at the same time. Screw art supplies, I wanted my cranium to blow up. I began to run in the direction of her house to undergo the experiment.

Upon revealing the devilish plan to ignite our skulls, Ingrid explained to me that she had already gone through with the experiment when she was a little Ingrid. Clearly from experience, she had informed me that the mixture would only result in a discharge of red foam from both nostrils. Eh, anything would be better than getting my required art supplies at eight o’clock on a Tuesday night.

We walked to the closest convenient store to pick up a bottle of Coca-Cola and announced to the man behind the counter that we might not ever see him again, seeing as how we were dealing with dangerous chemicals.

Ingrid volunteered to go first as I hid behind a wall of pillows, so as I wouldn’t be in the range of red mucus. She chose the slide Pop Rocks into mouth followed by a sip of coke method. Her face started to swell with foam among the faint crackle of the Pop Rocks. Ingrid’s test had failed explosion and/or nostril projectiles. It was now my turn.

Since I hadn’t had Pop Rocks in about ten years I wasn’t ready to “Taste the Explosion” just yet. I prepared myself with a few sips of Coca-Cola and blew my nose just to be safe. I chose the method Ingrid had, sliding the candy first with a shower of Coke. My mouth started to puff up with foam as the mixture became harder to swallow. This uncomfortable reaction only lasted ten solid seconds and for what? Nothing! Our brains didn’t eject from our skulls and splatter against the ceiling, NO! Not a single foamy booger emerged. Err! Combining Coca-Cola & Pop Rocks to blast a persons head off their neck was nothing more than a hoax!

Pop Rocks will forever be the founder of “explosive” candy, paving the way for other popping edibles and if I were just reviewing Pop Rocks alone, I would reward them a solid four; though this review revolves mostly around the Coca-Cola & Pop Rocks Mixture myth. Let it be known through out the land that the myth of Coke and Pop Rocks do not make ones head burst into flames. This combination only acts as a great substitute for Alka-Seltzer and it only receives a one out of a possible four because it still fascinates Ingrid’s little brother and sister.

P.S. Does anyone remember a powdered sugar candy that came in a cartoonish looking bomb? It had a string for the fuse that would be for pulling open the bomb to reveal the powder inside. Comment if you know. Thanks!