How many of you remember the game company Wisdom Tree, if you don't, I'm gonna talk about that today.

Wisdom Tree started out in 1989, what the company was probably well known for was making unauthorized Nintendo games, I'm gonna talk about them right now starting with:

Bible Adventures for the NES
This game draws similarity to Super Mario Bros.2 (U.S. Version), it will also let you choose from 3 levels: Noah's Ark, Baby Moses, and David and Goliath. This game is definitely not my favorite because it is so hard, this game (like many of the other Wisdom Tree games) did miserable.

This is a picture of one of the levels: Baby Moses

Let's move on to a different game: Up next:

Bible Buffet
This is a weird one, apparently this was is ripoff of CandyLand, there's not much else to say about it, except the question don't pop up on the screen, so you're lucky if you have the instruction booklet, because the questions are in there.

Here are two screenshots from Bible Buffet.

I'm gonna go through 2 more games:
Up next is my favorite:

Spiritual Warfare
This is definitely my favorite it is also similar to Zelda 1, I mean look at the two screenshots

there both the same except one is religous, anyway, there's not much else to say about this game.

In 1994 Wisdom Tree did their first and only game for the SNES, here's what happened, rumor was Nintendo was eventually on to Wisdom Tree, after Nintendo figured out that Wisdom Tree was doing Nintendo games without their permission, they installed a blockout chip, especially for Wisdom Tree, however, Wisdom Tree found a way to get past it, and here's the game I'm talking about:

Super 3D Noah's Ark or Super Noah's Ark 3D
Look at how weird the cartridge is, the reason why Wisdom Tree did their Noah's Ark cartridge like that was so you could add on a licensed Nintendo cartridge getting past the blockout chip in the SNES, Here's a Screenshot:

Look at it, this is (believe it or not) the christian version of Castle Wolfenstein 3D, well actually there was a theory that id (the makers of Castle Wolfenstein) were pissed off at Nintendo for the censorship of Wolfenstein on the SNES, that they told Wisdom Tree to do a christian version of it, except in Noah's Ark 3D, instead of shooting Nazis, you throw grains and fruits at goats, that's all I'm gonna mention about that.

Another game that Wisdom Tree did was King of Kings:The Early Years, but I'm not gonna talk about, Wisdom Tree is still somewhat in operation, the most recent game I can think of that they released was Scripture Solitare, that's all for now, what will the next article be, who knows?