This article is inspired by a debate me and my friends had today, as we all grew up in the 90s, and late 80s, we decided it would be good to see which super heroes could compare to todays fancy and more "serious" characters.

This was tough to decide, i mean you had literally hundreds of heroes and characters of the 90s and late 80s, and even more of today, and to make it even more of a challenge to write this, alot of the heroes of the 90s are today, just more detailed and serious. But here goes nothing. . .

This first part will be live heroes.

Indiana Jones VS Tomb Raider

Ok honestly, this is a tough one, i thought hard if it should be Indiana Jones VS National Treasure, but Lara Croft is so much more like Indie, She lives for adventure, finds herself in messes, and discovers treasures and ancient artifacts thought lost. So National Treasure? No.

That hat, that leather jacket, the crack of the whip and the sound of pounding on forest-dwelling asians faces, who is it? None other then the famous adventurer Indiana Jones!

Indie has fought devil worshipping, sacrificial voodoo priests, Lara has fought the illuminati. Indie fell through a pit of snakes, and escaped only to be welcomed by death traps, involving spikes and death pits, Lara entered a lost civilizations cave, to fight against grizzly bears and dinosaurs. Indie surfed a run-away train, while being shot by Arabs with machine guns, while a bomb was stored on the train, Lara fell from a 90 storie building only to be saved by a last minute grapple hook.

Laras parents died in an airplane crash and inherited a multi-million dollar mansion, Indies dad is a historian, Indie survives by funding.

At this point its hard to say, but minus all the special effects in tomb raider, and the dead-on accuracy of her guns, Indie would win. But adventure wise, Lara owns! Besides, Angie is hot!

Guyver VS Master Chief

The famous symbiot alien suit Guyver, VS Super-Spartan II 117 aka "Master Chief".

Standing 7 foot 4, equiped with a battle rifle and a range of ass-whooping weapons, Master Chief is man kinds ultimate warrior. His suit has self heal, and a shield protecting it, it can with stand a plasma shot from a 9 foot Brute. Fearless and brave, Master Chief is the first in the frontline of battle, known as the "Demon" by the alien covenant, he single handedly takes down covenant ships and a whole army of aliens.

When highschool student Shō Fukamachi accidently activated this bad boy, he became the ultimate "Weapon" the Chronos Organization desperatly wanted. The Guyver symbiot suit can withstand bullets and gives the host strength to rip the arms off a type 4 Zoianoid, standing 10 foot and weighing easily over 400 pounds of pure muscle. Underneath the breast plates of this suit, are 2 super bio-boosters, when the breats are open, these 2 particle cannons can disintergrate a house. The suit makes the host run faster, tear people in half, eject deadly indestructable blades out of the elbows, that can slash through anything. Guyvers one week spot is that the crystal, being the suits main energy source, is easily vulnerable, as its on the forehead.

So strength wise, and ass whooping, Guyver would easily out do Master Chief, but, arsenal of weapons wise, and Master Chief being a good shot with the sniper rifle, and plasma grenade, could blow the crystal out of Guyvers head, so its about 50/50 on this one!

Conan the Barbarian VS King Leonidas of Sparta

This would be one ass-whooping battle, i mean, a movie should just be made about these 2 going at it.
King Leonidas, the proud and honourable king of Sparta, a fierce and clever warrior, against the savage and brutal Conan, using his brute strength and great sword to take down his opponents.

Tactically, Leonidas would have the upper hand, but Conan is a clever and unpredictable fighter to, and he has sheer strength on his side. Leonidas's Spear would easily be over powered by Conans great sword, but the mighty Spartan shield would do well to block. In the end i think they would both fight until they run out of breath and collapse.
But then again, close combat quarters would be different, as Leonidas is quicker with a much more smaller sword, while Conan is bigger with a much more larger and heavier sword, i would say maybe in the end of it all, Leonidas would out-move Conan and throw in a few quick jabs with his sword.

Hitman VS 007

Now i know there still making 007 movies, but this i just had to include here.

On one side you have this bad ass mofo. Agent 47, aka Hitman, the most well trained and deadliest Assasin in the world, he leaves no clues, he leaves no identity, just a body count of bodies. He can break into the most secured area using disguises, and can kill the highest of politicians, and gets payed for it all.

Then sitting in the corner in a all black custom made Tuxedo, with a martini, shaken not stirred ofcourse, is none other then secret agent 007 James Bond. He has all the coolest gadgets hidden away, he has the latest in high-tech guns and technology, looks good in a Aston Martin, and gets all the girls. And who can forget, a LICENSE TO KILL! He knows the layouts of infiltration, and is trained to equip all the latest fire arms and bombs.


Last but not least!

Bruce Lee VS Tony Jaa

Now this was the main topic of debate with my friends.
Me being a HUGE Bruce Lee fan, insisted that Bruce Lee would easily out-move and out-do Tony Jaa and his Muay Tai fighting style.
But lets look at this fairly on both sides of the picture, what there both capable of doing, and both there fighting styles.

Tony Jaa's style of fighting "Muay Tai" is a thailand martial art which uses mainly the elbow and knee, forcing devestating and deadly attacks. Its quick and also has a good defensive ballance with it. Its kicks are strong and effective, but its knee hits are deadly, it can shatter ribs and break bones.

Bruce Lee's style of fighting, which he founded, Jeet Kune Do, is regarded the most influential martial art of the 20th century.
JKD for short composed of all the various fighting styles Lee practised and learned, he would dedicate himself entirely of practising every known style of fighting, from european boxing, to american wrestling.
JKD revolves around using your back bone as the main focus of your attacks, so fists and legs were the primary tools of combat. Lees kicks were so powerful that one person he sparred with claims it was "like a truck smashing you in the chest". Lees dedication and ultimate strain on his body would be his down fall, but he was in peek physical condition, his punches were swift and deadly, and he famed the one inch punch.

Just this pic of him beating up Chuck Norris proves he was a machine when it came to fighting. Lee would practise all different forms of fighting, the best way to defend and to attack and would do this until he perfected it. In a one on one fight against Tony Jaa, and his Muay Tai fighting style, Lee would easily overcome the knees and elbows, simply by kicking them. A fly kick to the face would send Tony Jaa back to his Ong Bak statue.

Well thats it for me guys this time! I hope you enjoyed reading this! Keep your eyes open for the Animated version of Old VS New! CHEERS!