Hello all my friends. Many moons have passed indeed. Questions I must ask.

Of the people reading this, how many of you can name most of the actors associated with your favorite childhood live action TV shows? Now let me ask you this, how many can you name from your favorite cartoons? Are these thespians not as worthy as the Mantooth's, Bixby's, Van Cleef's, or T's of the world? Thus began my journey, and why we are all gathered here now.

The focus of this piece is two pronged-

First it is my wish to remove the animated masks which have covered our actors' and actresses' faces for so long now. I have chosen examples of my own personal favorite animated programs from back in the day, and I then preceded to learn as much as I could about the people who breathed life into the characters so that I could then bestow that knowledge upon you.

Secondly I would also just like to say thank you to all of the voice talents featured. Your work is important, and for many of us what you have created is a time portal back to a place in our lives that was magical. And for that I thank you very, VERY much.

Also as part of my thanks, and so that the readers could associate the particular vocal stylings with the names and pictures, it was my wish to demonstrate examples of the artists' work. So very early on in the project I contacted the powers that be here on Retro Junk about making one little addition to my piece. This is the result-

Click the Play button on the following icon to listen to MP3 sound clips

[mp3 filmationlogo]

With all that being said, tonight I will be featuring the vocal casts associated with these shows in the following order-

This is really eight smaller articles combined into one. I wanted to keep my work centralized, and not spread out all over the site so I've decided to keep it all in one place. To assist you in navigating this piece, and to keep you from getting lost, I have included very large red numbers above even larger title screenshots for each individual cartoon listed.This should make it much easier to get around, simply use the scroll bar and you can skip from show to show very quickly.( I just cut and pasted all of the code and with a 12 point courier font it was fifty-seven pages long!)


John Erwin

[/align][/text]Best known voices:

- Prince Adam/ He-Man/ Ram-Man/ Faker/ Beast Man/ Webstor/ Whiplash/ Granamyr/ the Oracle of the Crystal Sea/ Tullamoreand- He Man and the Masters of the Universe

-Morris the Cat/ 9 Lives commercials

Also done work for: Washington Mutual, Trojan Condoms, Breyer's Ice Cream, Rogaine, and Amor Hot Dogs.

Bet you didn't know- You can hear him as the radio announcers in 'Back to the Future II' and 'Everybody's All American.'

Where he is now? Still living and working out of Los Angeles, and is currently the narrator for Infinity Automobiles. [/text][/text][/b]


Some examples of John Erwin's work-


[mp3 johnerwincommercials]
Nine Lives Commercial-
[mp3 ninelivescommercial]


Everybody's favorite finike feline.

"Hey Eastwood, I'll bet you twenty bucks that in five years I'm a world famous movie star, actor,
producer, and director and you're still doing
one timers on crummy little shows like this."

Linda Gary


Best known voices:

Teela, Evil Lynn, the Sorceress- He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

Mara- Blackstar

Aunt May- Spiderman and his Amazing Friends

Alana- Transformers.

Also appeared in:

Duck Tales, Tale Spin, and Tarzan Lord of the Jungle.

It was pretty tough finding much information about Linda's life, and I only learned a few things:

1). She has over 1000 commercials to her credit, and has provided extra voices for shows like The Little Mermaid (Television) and The Smurfs.

2). That she had two children and was good friends with Ed Asner and Frank Welker.

3) She passed away on October 5, 1995 from brain cancer at the age of 51.

It really bummed me out to learn that Linda Gary had died. Recently I re-visited Blackstar, a luxury I permit myself to do every ten years are so. When hearing Linda's voice it put me right back on my Grandma's couch early on Saturday morning again. She used to make me breakfast, over cooked Sizzle-lean and perfectly scrambled eggs with ketchup. What I wouldn't give to have that breakfast now.

So in honor of Linda, she will be the the only actress with 3 characters on gaijinninja's All Time 80's Afternoon Retrohottie list.

Evil Lynn- gaijinninja's #7 All Time 80's Afternoon Retrohottie, sexy/evil chicks have always been kinda of a turn on for me, but the snake tail external bra that wraps around her boobs just plain rocks!

Teela is the #6 All Time 80's Afternoon Retrohottie, annoying and kinda dumb, but hot because she was ALWAYS getting tied up and especially because someone actually had to draw a butt-crack line on her little white uniform.

The Sorceress is the #5 All Time 80's Afternoon Retrohottie, I would have loved to ruffled those feathers if you know what I mean.

I'm surprised they never made a Garbage Pale called 'Tied up Teela.'

Alan Oppenheimer



Alan Oppenheimer was born on April 23, 1930 in New York and has enjoyed a more than forty year career in the biz. He has done more commercials that you can shake a magic staff at for companies like: Pine Sol, Coors, and Sony. Additionally he has lent his vocal talents to: Ming the Merciless, Mighty Mouse, the WB Network and has also appeared on on Star Trek The Next Generation (as a mythical Klingon hero returned from the dead) and Deep Space Nine.

Some of Oppenheimer's work-


[mp3 alanoppenheimeranimation]
[mp3 alanoppenheimerpromos]

[mp3 alanoppenheimercommercials]



Famous Voices:

King Randor / Orko/ Spirit / Swift-Wind / Kowl / Mantenna / Horde Trooper / Kobra Khan / Trap-Jaw / Tri-Klops- He Man and the Masters of the Universe

Dumb Donald- Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids.

Opening narrator for The Super Seven and Jason of Star Command.

From left to right, Filmation founders Norm Prescott, Hal Sutherland, and Lou Scheimer.



Lou Scheimer on the Super Seven intro-

[mp3 tarzanandthesuperseven]


He-Man Intro
[mp3 hemanintro]

Remington Steel Intro-
[mp3 remingtonsteelintro]




Larry Kenney [/text]









Bet You Didn't Know-

That Larry Kenny's daughter, Sherri Kenny, is a producer and performs as Deputy Trudy Weigle on the Comedy Central show 'Reno 911.'

Larry Kenny stands 6'7" tall and was born on August 5th, 1947 in Pekin, Illinois. He got his start at the age of 15 as a radio DJ and from 1982 to 2007 was a cast member on the now defunct 'Imus in the Morning' radio show. If you feel bad because he lost the Imus gig, don't, because he is a regular 'cereal killer' and acts as the current voice of the Cocoa Puffs cuckoo crooner 'Sony' and also as the mighty chocolate vampire Count Chocula. As the all wise and annoying Snarfer would say, 'Way to go Lion-O!'

There was a lot that I liked about the Thundercats: the opening theme song was great and the weapons and battles were usually pretty cool too. There were however times when Lion-O's character sounded as stiff and wooden as a Vienna Boys Choir field trip to the Playboy Mansion. But that's what I liked about it, he provided a little levity to what was otherwise just another deadpan 'toon. No offense meant to Mr. Kenny of course, I know he was in on the joke. What the hell was that megathing anyway?

Some really funny Thundercat's bloopers-

[mp3 thundercatsbloopers]

Thanks to Celeste for allowing me to borrow these pictures.

I didn't know that Lion-O is
cuckoo for cocoa puffs.

"Like my great- great- great- great- great- granddaddy
George W. used to say, 'Yeah I do kinda rock, don't I."

With a slightly different haircut does anyone else think that
Lion-O looks a little like George W. Bush on steroids?

Bob McFadden


Snarf and Slythe - Thundercats
Commander Stargazer - Silver Hawks


Geritol, Campbell's soup, Ford, General Mills, Ban deodorant, Mountain Dew, Wisk detergent, and Pepto Bismol.


One of McFadden's Frankenberry commercials-

[mp3 bobmcfaddencommercial]

" Please please please Mr. Gaijin Ninja, I've got money
and it's all yours. You'll never see me again.
Just for Snarf's sake, put that sword, pistol,
and hole puncher away. Whattya say? We can
go get the money together and then say

Caution: Editorial Alert!!!

Saiyonara Snarf.

Earle Hyman
Most Famous Voice-Panthro

Earle Hyman's other great 80's role was as Cliff Huxtable's father 'Russell' in The Cosby Show. He was born on October 11, 1926 in Rocky Mount North Carolina. In 2001 after more than 55 years and 2,135 Broadway performances he retired from he biz. Panthro and Mumra were by far my favorite characters on TC. There was however one one unfulfilled wish of mine that I wanted Panthro to perform. That being once for P to bust out the chucks and abuse Lion-O and Snarf. I bet he threw his fight with Lion-O because he didn't want the responsibility of leadership.

Lynne MacLaren[/text]

Most Famous Voice-
Cheetara/Wiley Kit- Thundercats.

[/align]Lynne MacLaren (formerly Lynne Lipton) has written and performed in thousands of commercials and voice-overs and enjoyed a long career in theater as well. Lynne's has performed in The Goodman Theater and the Second City in Chicago and some of her Broadway credits include 'Sherlock Holmes' and 'Boom Boom Room.' Her recent TV appearances include 'Law & Order,' and reoccurring roles on the soap 'As the World Turns.' Some companies she's pitched for include: Miller Beer, Volkswagen, Corona, Budweiser, and Hewlett Packard.

Arguably the greatest moment in Afternoon 80's Cartoon History came during the Thundercat's premiere episode, when for some unknown reason, no clothes were ever drawn on any of the characters.

Cheetara- #4 on GN's Hottest 80's Afternoon Retrohottie list. That's right baby, I know EXACTLY how many spots you have underneath that sexy orange leotard. Meow.

Some of Lynne Maclaren's other work-

[mp3 lynnemaclarenpromo]


[mp3 lynnmaclarencommercial]

Peter Newman

Most Famous Voices-
Tygra, Wiley-Kat, Monkian, and Bengali from the Thundercats.

Couldn't find too much info on Peter Newman except that he is 6'9" and has stated that Tigra can sound like "...one square dude."

Earl Hammond


Bill Ratner

Most Famous Voices-

Flint- G.I. Joe

The narrator on ABC's 20/20.

Where is he now?

He currently resides in LA and works out of his home studio. He has a very successful career doing movie trailers and promos for ABC and CBS including 20/20 and The Early Show.

Bill Ratner is one of the most sought after voice talents in the country right now with an almost Welkerian list of credits. He does millions of promos and narrations for CBS, ABC, Animal Planet, the Discovery Channel, and the Military Channel. Also he has made appearances on Family Guy (as Flint!), Robot Chicken, and plays Ambassador Donnel Udina on the RPG: Mass Effect and Grand Theft Auto IV. He's done many, many movie trailers including: "The Love Guru," "The Onion Movie," "Semi-Pro," "Walk Hard," "Balls of Fury," "Hot Rod," Will Ferrell's "Blades of Glory," "Talladega Nights," and the Austin Powers Series. Way to go Joe!

A lot more Bill's work-

[mp3 billratneranimation]

[mp3 billratnerpromos]

[mp3 billratnercommercials]

[mp3 billratnertrailer]

The importance of being Flint-
(Kudos if you can guess who the woman is without me having to tell you)
[mp3 billratnerflint]

Mary McDonald-Lewis

Most Famous Voice- Lady Jaye/ G.I. Joe


Gregg Berger

Famous Voices-

Transformers- Grimlock

Garfield and Friends- Odie

G.I. Joe- Spirit/ Ripcord

Metal Gear series- The Pain

Still living and working in Los Angeles, these days most of Greg Berger's credits are in the videogame industry: Final Fantasy X-2 as Jecht, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Call of Duty, Age of Empires III, X-Men: The Official Game/ Dr. Henry McCoy, Beast.

Some of Gregg Berger's work-

[mp3 greggbergeranimation]

-Movie Trailers-

[mp3 greggbergertrailer][/text]


Aurthur Burghardt
Most Famous Voices-
Singe the Dragon- Dragon's Liar (Video Game and Cartoon)
Commander Borf- Space Ace (Video Game and Cartoon)
Turbo- The Gobots
Destro- G.I. Joe
Devastator- Transformers (G1)
Spidrax- Sectarians



Michael Bell
Most Famous Voices-
Duke/Blowtorch/Major Blud- G.I. Joe
Handy/Grouchy Smurf- Smurfs
Lance/Creek- Voltron
Mark- Speed Buggy
Allstar- Snorks
Andrew 'Drew' Pickles- Rugrats
Wonder Twin Zan/ Gleek/ The Riddler- The New Superfriends Hour
Prowl- Transformer (G1)

Where is he now-


B.J. Ward

Famous Voices-

Scarlett- G.I. Joe
Velma Dinkle- Scooby-Doo
Betty Rubble- the Flintstones
Smurfette-The Smurfs
Princess Allura- Voltron
Small Foot-Challenge of the Gobots
Super Twin Jayna/Wonder Woman- Super Friends
Whopper- Pound Puppies
Isis the computer- Jonny Quest

Should it be any surprise that the voice of the hottest Joe used to be in Playboy? Or that she holds a pilot's license? But would you be surprised if I told you that B.J. Ward is also an accomplished opera singer with many albums to her credit. Or that she has sang on Broadway. Or that she is an experienced stand up comic? Or that she has combined her two passions into a single show called Opera Stand-Up that has been playing in concert halls all over the country including: Carnegie Recital Hall, The Kennedy Center, and the annual Puccini Festival at Lincoln Center. Man, Duke was one lucky dude to have such a Smurfy chick!

Scarlett #3 on GN's All Time Afternoon Retrohotties list. If it's red above then it's probably red down below too.

Listen to some of her work-

B.J. Ward Singing
[mp3 bjwardsinging]

B.J. Ward Stand-up
[mp3 bjwardstandup]

Chris Latta


Most Famous Voices-

Starscream/ Wheeljack- Transformers

Cobra Commander/Gung Ho/Ripper/Breaker- G.I. Joe

The original Moe the Bartender/ Mr. Burns- the Simpsons

[vid chrislatta]

Corey Burton


Most Famous Voices:

GI Joe- Tomax
Transformers- Spike Witwicky
Chip 'n Dale's Rescue Rangers- Dale
Atlantis- The Lost Empire: Moliere
The Hunchback of Notre Dame- Frollo's Guard
Aladdin- Prince Achmed, the Camel, Necklace & Fish Merchants, Sheep
Hercules- Burnt Man , End-of-the-World Man, Tour Bus Guide, Titans
Mulan-Various bit parts
A Goofy Movie-Wendell

Scatman Carothers

The Scatman as Doc Lynch in the 1980 Clint Eastwood classic 'Bronco Billy.'

Most Famous Voices

Transformers- Jazz




Peter Cullen

Famous Voices-

Transformers- Optimus Prime/IronHide

Pac-Man- Sour Puss

G.I. Joe- Airborne/Enforcer/Zandar

Voltron- Narrator/Coran/King Alfor

Dungeons and Dragons- Venger

Rainbow Brite-Murky/Monstromurk/Narrator
Knight Rider-K.A.R.R.
Predator- The Predator


-Voltron Intro-

[mp3 voltronintro]

Frank Welker

Where is he now?

Still working mostly from his home studio in Los Angeles.

Bet you didn't know-

He once tried to resuscitate a hamster by giving it mouth to mouth.


That to date he has been credited in 90 movies, and combined they have taken in staggering 5 billion dollars in world wide gross.

Frank Welker has a great homepage at-


Some of Welkers other projects-

[mp3 frankwelkercommercial]
[mp3 frankwelkeranimation]

His thoughts on Megatron-
[mp3 frankwelkerinterview]

Kathy Garver[/text][/text]
Famous Voices:

Firestar-Spiderman and His Amazing Friends

The Tree-The Last Unicorn

Kathy Garver got her start in the biz on the Donna Reed Show, but her biggest face role was that of 'Cissy' on the CBS series 'Family Affair' which aired from 1966-1971. More recently she has written, narrated, and produced the Beatrix Potter series of audio adventures which have sold more than 2 million copies world wide. Ron Howard is one of her best friends and her voice has been featured in many of his films: Apollo 13, Ransom, Back Draft, and Jingle all the Way.

#2- Firestar- GN's all time 80's afternoon retrohottie. Even though technically she's an 80's Saturday morning retrohottie, she's so blistering that she burns through any categorical boundaries.




David Gilvesan's Promos

[mp3 davidgilvesanpromo]

Keith David

Most Famous Voices: Goliath- Gargoyles

Spawn- Spawn: The Animation (HBO)

The Arbitor- Halo 2 & 3.

Keith David spearheaded a great vocal cast for Gargoyles, and portrayed the intimidating Goliath with just the right amount of credible sensitivity. A born performer, Keith David graduated from the prestigious High School of Performing Arts before moving on to Julliard where he received a BA in Drama. Some of his many film credits include: Platoon(1986), Bird (1988), They Live (1988), Article 99 (1992), The Quick and the Dead(1995), There's Something About Mary (1998), and Armageddon(1998). Who could ever forget the fight scene to end all fight scenes by between he and the Rowdy One in 'They Live?' .

Keith David on acting-
[mp3 keithdavid]

[vid theylivefight]

Salli Richardson


You can see a lot more of Salli Richardson in 'Anacondas: the Hunt for The Blood Orchid.'

Ed Asner
Ed Asner is an long time actor who won an Emmy in 1970 for playing Lou Grant on The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Some of his other voice credits include: J. Jonah Jamison/ Spiderman The Animated Series (1995), Roland Daggett/Batman the Animated Series, and Cosgrove/ Freakazoid. One interesting little nugget is that he and the late Linda Gary were good friends. As the battle weary Hudson, Asner had the perfect pitch as a warrior who has seen too suffering in his lifetime, but continues to soldier on to spite it all.

Jeff Bennett
Brooklyn/ Owen Burnett

Jeff Bennett was born on October 2, 1962 and has been working as an actor since he landed a small part on The Greatest American Hero in 1980. Since then he has provided voice work for companies like: AT&T, Baskin Robins, Amour hot dogs, Standard TV and Appliance, GM, and Chucky Cheese. Brooklyn was never one of my favorite characters, but Owen is immortal, and I mean that literally.

Bill Faggerbakke

Bill Fagerbakke first came to national attention as slow thinking Dauber Dybinski on the longtime ABC Friday night sitcom Coach. In the 90's he had 'Gargoyles' to fill the void after Coach ended. Now he is more famous than ever as Sponge Bob's sidekick Patrick Star, but I'll try not to hold it against him.

Thom Adcox-Hernandez

Thom Adcox-Hernandez is yet another example of someone who can have a perfectly decent career doing VO's and 1 episode appearances. In the last five years he has done a single episode of: The Shield, Desperate Housewives, Heroes, Prison Break, Black Summer, The Wire, and Big Love. Some of the products he's done spots for: Wendy's, Crest toothpaste, Whick's Furniture, and Bic pens.

Laura San Giacomo

The first time I remember Laura San Giacomo was as Tom Selleck's love interest in 'Quigley Down Under.' Some of her other creds include 149 episodes of 'Just Shoot Me' and as Harmony Chase for 3 episodes of Veronica Mars. Currently she plays Rhetta Rodriguez on 'Saving Grace.'

John Rhys-Davies

I was really, really young the fist time I ever saw Welsh born actor John Rhys-Davies as the pilot/ navigator Rodriguez in what would become my all time favorite mini-series, 'Shogun.' If you don't know who he is then I guess you've never seen: Raiders of the Lost Ark, Sliders, King Solomon's Mines, or the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Truly one of the most distinctive and instantly recognizable voices of our time.

Jonathan Frakes
David Xanatos
I hated William Ryker on Star Trek: The Next Generation, but Jonathan Frakes totally redeemed himself afterward as the greasy/ greedy billionaire David Xanatos. One of my absolutely favorite elements of the show was how Xanatos turned to gizmotology to compensate for his lack of size, speed, and power against Goliath and Co. I think my favorite episodes were the ones where Xanatos proves he's 'a self made man.' The little twist on the end when we find out who Owen Burnett really is was terrific. And no its not a typo- he spells it Jonathan.

Marina Sirtis
I thought both Counselor Troy and Demona were both hot, but in very different ways. Troy was someone you could trust, and talk to about anything. And Demona could tear all but the very strongest humans apart in seconds. But she did have nice teeth and a totally tubular Tina Turner hair doo. Plus that tail with the loin cloth was the combo of the century! Anyway, Marina is a British born actress born 3/5/55 who received her pedigree from Guild Hall School of Music and Drama. Haven't seen her around much lately, but she did reprise her Counselor Troy role once on 'Enterprise.'

Brent Spiner
[/text][/text]Many people who have worked with Brett Spiner describe his greatest ability is that he makes everyone around him look good. After years of quiet composure as Data, Spiner got to let loose his wild as the magical cad Puck. Always scandalous and unpredictable, Puck will offer a choice to some of those mortals he deems interesting; two wishes (which always come with a price) or the use of his 'services.' Xanatos was the only person who ever chose the latter. Lately Spinner has appeared in Enterprise as Arik Soong and in the The Aviator.

Michael Dorn
If Worf had been raised on Klingon, I think he would have gotten beaten up and his lunch money taken fairly often. Yeah he was big and strong, but that Prince Valiant mullet he wore was just ridiculous in the 'between years' of the short hair of the earlier ST:TNG episodes and that pretty cool braid on DS9. As Goliath's brother Coldstone he was a little more brutal and unpredictable and his character opened up some very interesting themes about memories and the soul and how they are connected, and the nightmare outcome possible when combined with technology.

Kevin Conroy[/text]

[vid voiceactormatlock]

Efrem Zimbalist Jr. [/text]

Most Famous Voice:
Alfred Pennyworth/Batman the Animated Series

Other Work He's done:
Doctor Octupus/Spiderman the Animated Series, Mace Malone/Gargoyles, currently does the voice overs for Trinity Broadcasting

Mark Hamill

If any of you have ever felt bad for Mark Hamill because his stardom peaked with Star Wars, don't. He has had a long and lucrative career performing as a voice actor and I thought he made a pretty good Joker from Batman: TAS. You can also hear his work on the Justice League as Solomon Grundy and on Spiderman The Animated Series (1996) as the Hobgoblin.


Melissa Gilbert
Barbara Gordon/Batgirl

'Holly mammaries Batman!' I know what your thinking, how did a bucktooth Becky become such a bodaciously buxom barbified babe? These days Melissa is a full time wife and mom with her husband Bruce Boxleitner but she still manages to sneak some roles in here and there. I caught her recently on an episode of Nip Tuck in a small but memorable part involving those breasts, a missing nipple, and an unconventional relationship with a dog. Also she will be playing the role as the mother 'Carolyn' in the Broadway production of Little house on the Prairie.

Loren Lester
Dick Grayson/Nightwing

Loren Lester has made a career of one episode appearances. Gimme a Break, Charles in Charge, Falcon Crest, Star Trek Deep Space 9, Extreme Ghostbusters, 7th Heaven, Desperate Housewives,The West Wing, Two and a Half Men, E-Ring, Las Vegas, Without a Trace, Joey, Scrubs, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, and The Practice are all shows he's appeared in once. He was even in Red Eye as an irate customer in the beginning of the film. His most notable reoccurring performances have been: Defenders of the Earth, General Hospital, the Facts of Life, Extreme Ghostbusters, and of course Batman TAS.

Bob Hastings
Commissioner James Gordon

Bob Hastings was born on April 18, 1925 in Brooklyn, New York. He is another example of how a career can be made by doing a few episodes of everything (From Adam 12 to The Dukes of Hazard) and commercial VO's. He played Captain Burt Ramsey on General Hospital for seven years between 1979 and 1986 but now most of his paychecks come from performing commercial voice overs for companies like: Ford, Budweiser, and General Electric.

Ron Pearlman

Despite this spazzmo pic, Ron Pearlman can really act in or out of a special effects suit. His early days were spent on the stage, earning Masters of Fine Arts degree in performance from University of Minnesota in 1973. He first came to national attention as Vincent on the cult TV series 'Beauty and the Beast' and now plays the title role in the Hell Boy series of movies and cartoons. Love his work on his current project 'Sons of Anarchy.'

Arleen Sorkin
Harley Quinn

If Arleen Sorkin looks a little looney in this pic it's because I think that you would have to be a little off your rocker to play the part of Harley Quinn so well. She is yet another example of how one can earn six figures by just doing commercials; her credits include voice spots for over eighty different products like: Stay Free tampons, Coke, McDonald's, Nike, and the Disney Channel. Harley Quinn, GN's all time 90's afternoon retrohottie.

Robert Costanzo
Detective Harvey Bullock

Another example of a 'one episode and your out' actor Robert Costanzo has appeared or done voice work for: ER, Spawn, Party of Five, Murphy Brown, Mad About You, and NYPD Blue. He was also the Orkin Man for a while in the early 90's. I'm really glad the powers that be brought back this character from the comic book, personally I don't think you could have found a better voice for Bullock.

Adrienne Barbeau

The seductive yet somehow bitchy voice of Cat Woman was none other that 70's pin up retrohottie Adrienne Barbeau. In 1978 she became famous for a poster she appeared on wearing a purple spandex outfit. This got her a spots on a few episodes of Fantasy Island and The Love Boat. The greatest moment of her career came in a legendary bathing scene in 1982's 'Swamp Thing.' Sorry guys, her taste in men tends to lean towards the director end of the spectrum, she's been married to both John Carpenter and Billy Van Zant (current).

Anyone else ever notice that Paulie 'Walnuts' and
Ra's al Ghul bear a striking resemblance?

David Warner
Ra's al Ghul

David Warner has been doing slick, 'smartest guy in the room' bad guys since Alan Rickman was just a wet spot in his Daddy's underoos. David got his professional acting career started in 1966 performing the title role in Hamlet for the Royal Shakespeare Company for two years. He has also been a regular in the Star Trek franchise playing: a Cardassian in 'Star Trek TNG,' a Klingon Ambassador in 'Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country,' and a human in 'Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.' Props if you can name all the movies he's pictured in here.

Paul Williams
The Penguin
At 5'2" Paul Williams may not be the tallest person on this list, but he does have one of the biggest banking accounts. Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Barbra Streisand, Willie Nelson, Kermit the Frog, and Luther Vandross are among the hundreds of artists who've recorded Paul's music. Have you ever heard 'We've Only Just Begun' by the Carpenters? Well Paul wrote that. What about 'Old Fashioned Love Song' by Three Dog Night? Paul wrote that one too. 'Rainy Days and Mondays', 'Let Me Be the One,' and 'I Won't Last a Day Without You' are all some of Paul's more notable hits.

Aron Kincaid
Killer Croc

Aron Kincaid was kind of a minor sex symbol back in the early 60's starring in a bunch of 'B' surfer movies: The Girls on the Beach (1965), Beach Ball (1965), Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine (1965),and The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini (1966). And no I didn't misspell his name, that's how he spells it.

Michael Ansara
Mr. Freeze/Victor Freis

Alright, this is the last BTAS bad guy I'm gonna do for this read. I remember Michael Ansara best as the second Kane from 'Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.' Born April 15, 1922 in a small village in Syria, Michael Ansara kinda became the television version of Al Leong in early 80's T.V. For a few years it seems like he was in everything from C.H.I.P.'s to Simon and Simon. Another tidbit is that he holds Fifth degree black belts in both Judo and Woshu. Now mostly retired, he likes playing golf, bungee jumping, and dating women who are 50 years younger. Well at least two of those are true.

Robert Ridgley [/text][/text]


Listen to Ridgley on Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle

[mp3 tarzanlordofthejungle]

Dick Tufeld

Most Famous Voices-

Robby the Robot/ Lost in Space- TV show and movie.

Opening Narrator for-

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Lost in Space
The Time Tunnel,
Thundarr the Barbarian
Spiderman and his Amazing Friends.


Dick Tufeld on the opening credits for Thundarr-

[mp3 thndarrthebarbarian]

Nellie Bellflower[/text][/text]

Famous Voices:

Princess Ariel-Thundarr the Barbarian

The Tree-The Last Unicorn


Henry Corden[/text][/text]

Most famous Voices-

Ookla the Mok- Thundarr

Fred Flintstone


A personal note on Thundarr-

Thundarr used to come on CBS Supercade, so I threw this pic and clip in for fun.

[b]Some old CBS Saturday Supercade bumpers-

[mp3 cbssaturdaysupercadebumber]


[size=48]One Last Note...[/size]


[size=32]Morgan Lofting[/size]

[size=24][b]Most Famous Voice-[/size]
The Baroness/ G.I. Joe

[size=14][/size][/align]Okay, that's not really Morgan Lofting picture, sue me. For the only time in this piece, I couldn't find a single pic of the artist anywhere. However I felt compelled to say something about the Baroness... She's hot enough to melt a supernova! Growing up in the 80's I've always been a sucker for good looking women with geeky glasses. All a nice tight little package to boot! She'd have to be kinky. With all those leather and rubber outfits and a boyfriend with the metal skin? C'mon. I'm proud to say that my wife has a many good replicas of the Baroness' costumes. There is however on particular reason why the Baroness is number one on my list, that being if you ever got tired of looking at her, she could put on one of her costumes and become a dead ringer for anyone else that you might desire.

#1- The Baroness- GN's all time 80's afternoon retrohottie. Hey Honey why don't you break out the Firestar outfit tonight?



I'm going to keep my concluding comments pithy-



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