Oh right its time to name my most annoying experiences in school during my youth.

1.My first annoying experience was with a substitute teacher.She was totally annoying and kept
repeating things over and over again.Her name was Mrs.Krog.I hated 4th grade because of her.

Random Memory:I found out later when I was older that she got fired.Let's hope she never
becomes a teacher again.

2.My second annoying experience was with some kids at school,telling me to do
things that were stupid and childish.I swear I can't remember their names but I do know how
annoying they could be.

Random Memory: One day when these kids were bothering me,I got my friend's Pit Bull and let them have it.I died laughing that day when they got their pants and shoes torn to shreds.

3.My third experience was with another kid named Coby White.I think this kid was on drugs or something.But anyways,he always was picking his nose and smearing it all over the desks.Well one day he tried to touch me where He shouldn't and I just smacked him across the face when he did.Sadly he got away with it while I was left in trouble with a teacher of his.

Random memory: I just remembered that he gets everybody he knows into trouble and somebody warned me to stay away from him.Its a shame though I didn't listen.

4.The whole 6th year at Southmore Intermediate was my 4th annoying experience.I had alot of horrible teachers in all the 6 subjects I took,not to mention that I had to put up with a really hateful Principal named Mrs.Piske.I also got sent to ISC every time I was doing my work.It got so old that I just left and moved to another school.

Random Memory:I am so glad to be in High School now.I hope when I have kids they never have to put up with this type of mess.Oh and I remember something embarrassing that made me left the school.It was a rumor about me and this Butt-Ugly girl going out together as boyfriend and girlfriend,It was horrible. I didn't feel that way about her at all.

5.My fifth and last annoying experience was with my difficulty for tranferring to a new school.I was so annoyed at this because Southmore Intermediate was trying to keep me as their prisoner with my hands tied behind my back.I had to do HomeSchooling instead because they never transferred my files and school record.Well now I'm back in school and it was a great experience to learn.I hope nobody ever has to go through this even though you guys probably might.Remember,annoying things happen everywhere and I am so glad to share my experiences with everyone.

Last Random Memory:When I was doing Homeschooling,I learned a lot of new stuff and I had fun.I missed real school alot back then.