So I've found all the episodes of Exo Squad online ( for those of you who are interested) and I've been steadily re-watching all the episodes. If you've never seen the series, it's great and you should check it out. So my question to everyone here is: Did political correctness hurt cartoons?

I think the answer is emphatically, YES! I mean, I'm watching Exo Squad and there are ships blowing up, guns blazing, and people actually DYING! Yes, most of them fall under the "we didn't really see them die" which I think is debatable, but during a key moment later in the story (which I won't ruin) a semi-major character sacrifices himself and his ship and there is no question whether or not he died.
This cartoon would be banned now-a-days or forced to Cartoon's Network's Adult Swim. Ok, well, maybe not Adult Swim but it certainly wouldn't be allowed on Saturday morning. I believe that this show is exactly where cartoons 'would' have gone if political correctness hadn't come in and watered down all our children's entertainment. Don't misunderstand me, kids would still have their 'friendly shows' like the Smurfs were in my day, but then they'd have the option to have shows like Exo Squad which weren't necessarily meant for little kids.

Recently, I saw Marvel's straight-to-DVD Ultimate Avengers movie and was shocked that this movie was considered 'mature'. Stuff like Ultimate Avengers now which is considered mature is what Exo Squad would have been back then.

The bottom line is there are now two kinds of cartoons: 1) The traditional 'kid friendly' cartoons, which don't get me wrong, kids do need 2) More mature cartoons for those of us who are older but still like animation.

I just think that if cartoons had followed the path of Exo Squad and not been hindered by political correctness, we would have had some very different cartoons over the past fifteen years.