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So, it was like 2000-2001. I was 5-6 (I'm 12 now). And there was this new, awesome, toy that every kid wanted, and I was always jealous of the kid who had it on my bus. What am I talking about?

Hit Clips

So, what are Hit Clips, you ask? Well, they were these really cheap mini-boombox things in which you coukl place a chip that contained a minute of a pre-recorded song (like Oops!... I Did It Again or Bye Bye Bye). WHen the chip was in the boombox, you could play a minute of all your favorite songs! Now that I look back at this, it sounds really stupid, but it was popular because:

A: You could listen to Britney, Backstreet, NSYNC, Christina, etc.
B: They were cheap (8 bucks for the player and 5 bucks for a chip)
C: Most of us had never heard of an iPod, and this was the closest thing we had access to.
D: They were cool (keyword: WERE)
E: You could have everyone on the bus listen to the refrain of "Oops!", rather than pass the headphones on to other people.
F: Now, I'm sure you're thinking WHY?!?! THESE STINK!!!! But you know how fads are. Even if they are a piece of garbage, they will be popular because they are a FAD (think Pet Rock if you need an example).
G: So yes, CD players, and even the new monochromatic, 1 gig "iPod" that no one had ever heard of were technologicially superior, in our kid world of evolving technology, ANYTHING that could play music was cool. This just happened to be new and different from our Sony CD players. Thus, we wanted them.

I also did some research, and there were apparently some 25 dollar players/alarm clocks that let you wake up to Britne Spears. You could also hook them up to the internet and download other mini-songs to it.

Well, that is my first fad of the 2000s. Next up, we'll look at the music that I remember of the 2000s.