Before you read this article I just want to say that this isnt one of those articles that say Tv sucks now and it was better in the 80s cause of this and that and this article only has like 5 shows.

1.Saved by the BELL

This was the funniest show ever!I used to watch it with my brother and almost died of laughter!My mom did not let me see this alone alone until I was 7 but I had pretty good moments watching this thing.No wonder they still show reruns.My favorite character is Screech cause hes like the funniest character.Im only missing 1 DVD to have the complete series,but im not buying it for me im gonna give it to my younger cousins so they can enjoy too.I give it an A.

2.Saved by the BELL the college years
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When i heard that there was gonna be a new show about saved by the bell I was so excited and then I saw it the first time I saw it it was kinda weird cause 2 characters where missing(Jessie and lisa)and without lisa who was Screech going to bother because love all the time.But then I saw some more episodes and i got used to the other characters.I give it a B

3.Boy meets world
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Well I give this show a C because I only liked the show when they where kids(When Cory thought Topanga was a geek) because then when their teenagers it turns real dramatic and I hate when cool funny shows turn dramatic.I have not bought any DVDs for this series but watch reruns when I can.

4.Family matters
This was a show my mom forced me to watch when I was a kid I thought it was gonna be a boring adult show but then I laughed so hard I had to go to the bathroom 2 times in one episode cause of the funniest character of all Steve when is he gonna understand Lisa does not love him man I mean this was one of the best shows that was for families to watch together.I give this show an A.

Last but not least also a family classic...
5.Full house.
3 words.I love it.I dont know a single person on earth who does not like this show it is like the best family show ever.i give it an A

Well maybe this will end up in the backpage but maybe it wont I just hope you enjoyed my first article.