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Quote O' Matic
  • Mr. Johnson: Well, I like to order one...
  • Grover: Excuse me, Sir. But I want you to take a number over there. You see, When I call the number, Then you will be served. So, Please take a number.
  • Mr. Johnson: But I am the only one in here.
  • Grover: I'm sorry, Sir. But this is our policy. The sign says John's Bakery, Not Grover's Bakery. I only work here.
  • Mr. Johnson: Okay, I'll take a number.
  • Grover: Yup, Over here, Sir. This machine will give you the number. So, Go ahead.
  • Mr. Johson: (Pulls the lever on the number machine and it gives out the number)
  • Grover: Very good, Now what is the number?
  • Mr. Johnson: 40
  • Grover: 40, And that is your number.
  • Sesame Street