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Quote O' Matic
  • Simon: Okay, just ask yourself: What do women really want? You take these bored housewives, married to the same guy for years, they're stuck in a rut, then need some release! Promise of adventure, a hint of danger. I create that for them.
  • Harry: So basically, your lying your ass off the whole time. See, I can't do that.
  • Simon: What are you, a boy scout? No, no, no, think of it as playing a role as fantasy. I mean, you got to work on their dreams. Get them out of their daily suburban grind for a few hours.
  • Harry: But what about their husbands?
  • Simon: Dickless! I mean, let's face it, if they took care of business, I'd be out of business! You know what I mean?
  • Harry: Those idiots!
  • True Lies