Latest Junk
WCBS Channel 2 News Promo - Michelle Marsh
Branded as "The First Team". from 1990.
FS1 - First Things First - Weekday Mornings promo
This video promo from Mid-October 2017 was about Fox Sports 1's weekday morning program.
ITV (UK) Coronation Street - Autumn 2017 Promo
This video was about UK's ITV's Coronation Street video promo for Fall 2017
Pantene Pro-V Commercial w/Karen Mulder
In 1996, the beautiful & sexy Dutch supermodel Karen Mulder was in the Pantene Pro-V commercial.
McDonald's Happy Meal - The Jungle Book Toys
Another commercial promoting the 1990 Jungle Book Happy Meal at McDonald's
Drug-Free America "Playground" PSA
Now that you know what a drug dealer thinks of you, What you think of him!!
Partnership for a Drug-Free America "Thin Ice" PSA
Welcome to Heroin...Enjoy your Stay!!
Windows 98 Commercial
Where do you want to go today?
Cinemax Feature Presentation/ Rated NC-17
Taken from "Performance" (1970). Cinemax will run NC-17 rated movies only at night.
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