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Jungle Cubs
Romanian intro
Casper and Friends
Two other "intermission" intros from between episodes
Casper and Friends
Basque intro Casper eta bere lagunak
Season 2 intro (1985) "We're the Snorks" [DVD quality]
Hungarian intro
Magical DoReMi
Basque intro (season 1) Doremiren Magia
The Smurfs
Season 7 intro (1987-1988)
SpongeBob SquarePants
Slo-mo intro (via iMovie)
Curious George
Curious George
Quote O' Matic
  • (Kiki takes bunch of leaves and chews them, spits them out and offers them to Rita)
    Rita: YUCK! *smacks Kiki's hand away* no thanks.... call me weird but monkey saliva takes all the fun out of eating
    Kiki: AH AH AH!!
    *Rita shakes head*
    *Kiki Roars & Rita immediately opens her mouth and Kiki rub...
  • Animaniacs